What is Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness?

Learning to take control of your emotional & psychological health and well being
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The comprehensive mindfulness based course delivered in four sessions over 4 months. Covering; Anxiety, Depression, Emotion Management for Diabetes.
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One day workshops

'Cultivating a mindful relationship with emotions, food, nutrition and diabetes' − (mindfulness, mindful eating and nutrition for diabetes).
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Welcome to Mindfulness for Diabetes

Mindfulnes4Diabetes provides effective & innovative solutions to the deterimental psychological and emotional impact of having diabetes, including stress, anxiety, fear and depression.

Mindfulnes4Diabetes offers a comprehensive set of workshops, courses and residential retreats to meet the psychological and emotional needs of diabetes patients, carers and parents. The core of the course uses mindfulness and compassion based approaches integrated with mind-body medical science to:

Date: Sat 27th Feb 2016
Location: Coventry
Date: Sat 9th Apr 2016
Location: Coventry
Date: Sat 14th May 2016
Location: Coventry
Mindfulnes4Diabetes Courses
Stop & Repair
Help you stop the continuous psychological “threat” cycle“ Switch off” stress & anxiety & “switch on” calmness and tranquility
Restore & revive
Awaken your inner resources and help maintain, strengthen and deepen healthier and wholesome psychological and emotional states
Reinforce & re-energize
Switch on superemotions known to help improve bodys immune system and sense of well being
exploring the impact of having a chronic condition like diabetes on identity, sense of self, relationships life, death and aspects of individual meaning.